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Watermelon Spoon

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  • ★ PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: The Slice Pro Watermelon Slicer is made from Heat-Treated 304 Stainless Steel. The EXTREMELY sharp blades are designed for industrial kitchen use and are guaranteed not to rust or lose sharpness qualities over time. The ergonomic designed rubber handle gives you a firm, steady grip and allows you to slice the fruit effortlessly in a few minutes!
  • ★ QUICKLY SLICE AND CARVE MELONS: 1. Use the Slice Pro industrial wire blade to carve along the inside rind of the melon while the sharp blades ensure clean cuts. 2. Flip your Slice Pro over and use the jagged edges as a pair of tongs to lift and serve the melon. 3. Use the melon baller to remove any remaining chunks of melon in nice round balls. 4. Finally you can carve the empty rind using the carving tool, resulting in a beautiful serving bowl!
  • ★ LET YOUR CREATIVITY SHINE: Enjoy a refreshing portion of melon on a hot summer day or simply add to smoothies, fruit salads, or freeze to make popsicles. Also the dual purpose melon baller and fruit carving knife can be used for a variety of fruits such as honeydew, watermelon, and cantaloupe. With practice you will soon be able to cut, carve, and cube your melon into Pinterest worthy designs!
  • ★ INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN DESIGN: Our slicer differs from competitors due to the thicker cutting blade that resists bending and is held in place with rounded tips to prevent the tool from breaking. We also include a rubber handle to prevent slipping and injury to your fingers Quite simply it is the strongest watermelon knife on the market, perfect for industrial kitchens, caterers and avid watermelon enthusiasts.

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