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Smart Fingerprint Security Padlock - 50% OFF!

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Your Finger is Your Key!

Just your fingerprint can lock and unlock the Smart Fingerprint Security Padlock, without the keys or passwords. Never lose your key again! Also, don’t worry that the key is copied or the password is cracked.

Easy Operation
1 second unlock,stores 12 fingerprints, which are directly managed within the padlock. No computer is needed.

Enhanced Security
Waterproof IP65, seamlessly designed, Zinc-alloy metal body construction and high toughness steel wire. Prevent from being pried or smashed or cut.

Low Power Consumption
Full battery offering 3000 times lock/unlock actions,one charging can support over 2 years for normal using.

Will this work for a gym locker
It can work for a gym locker unless the locker hasn't a hook, as you can imagine, when you run or do other sports, you have to take a key on your wrist or your pocket, it will be much trouble, but if using our fingerprint lock, just using your fingerprint lock opens your locker, it will be easy, also don't worry about losing your key

When you use an Anti-theft lock, but you forgot your password, How do you do?
When you finished a busy work or study life, and you want to take part in outdoor activities to relax. However, who will take care of your carrying the bag, suitcase, handbag, backpack? So easy, mini version of the portable smart fingerprint lock with innovative design can help you to protect your belongings safely and reliably! It is a small size and easy to carry which is fashion, waterproof, without key or password,anti-copying fingerprint and 1 second to unlock rapidly. The material of Smart Fingerprint Security Padlock use Zinc alloy metal structure and high toughness steel wire to prevent prying or smashing or cutting.

Belongings are great importance in our daily life. If you lost your important belongings, you must be worried or anxious and even sad. So we should take a good care of it. However, you maybe neglect some places where you need to use a fingerprint lock to protect your belongings. For example, suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school bags, furniture, wardrobe, package and anti-theft assistant. Use of it, giving your belongings a protective umbrella and starting your happy life.

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