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Shower Tree Led - 70% OFF!
Shower Tree Led - 70% OFF!
Shower Tree Led - 70% OFF!

Shower Tree Led - 70% OFF!

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Shower Tree Led is the spectacular new lighting system that instantly creates an amazing light show on any Christmas tree. It's so easy! Simply place the light ring on top of any tree and position the 8 vertical strands of bulbs. Your tree will be transformed into a vivid display of colorful lights. Showe Tree Led has light patterns and color choices for everyone that can be changed with just the touch of a button. Choose between solid colors, alternating colors, sparkling colors, scrolling patterns, or diagonal waves of sparkling light. Tree Dazzlers vertical design never tangles so the lights fall right into place every time. Plus, it’s built to last with LED bulbs that will last a lifetime and are virtually unbreakable and it is stackable so you can add even more holiday cheer!.


  • Installs in minutes: Place the light ring on top of Christmas tree, position vertical bulb strands, and plug into a standard wall outlet. Or add 2 or more and double the dazzle
  • Change to a new holiday light show with the touch of a button
  • Uses energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Features 16 different dazzling light displays and patterns
  • Strobe lights glow in solid, alternating, or sparkling colors, plus scrolling patterns


Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for shipping. Limit 3 per person.

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