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Reflexology Walk Stone Mat - 60%OFF!
Reflexology Walk Stone Mat - 60%OFF!
Reflexology Walk Stone Mat - 60%OFF!
Reflexology Walk Stone Mat - 60%OFF!
Reflexology Walk Stone Mat - 60%OFF!

Reflexology Walk Stone Mat - 60%OFF!

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Let the ancient art of acupressure help you! Our foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Standing on the mat for just a few minutes a day will help relieve stress, increase energy, relieve sore muscles, flush toxins and much, much more.


  • Durable, made of medical grade PP material

Special Features:

  • Helps stimulate blood circulation and revitalize your body
  • Portable and lightweight, take it with you anywhere
  • Versatile, use in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, office
  • Affordable, one mat provides countless hours of relief whenever you need it
  • Relaxes aches and eases tired muscles
  • remove the obstacles to the human energy circulation pipeline. 
  • promote the coordination between the normal organs and the organs of organs. 
  • promote the balance of the endocrine system and to ease the nervous system. 
  • excrete toxins and sundries in the body and maintain health. 
  • strengthen the metabolism function and keep the vigor of youth. 
  • stimulate cell vitality and prevent aging. 
  • restoration of degraded organs and prevention of illness.

Perfect For:

  • Some favorite places people use their mat --in the kitchen while washing dishes, bathroom while brushing their teeth, living room and under the desk at the office


  • Place the non-slip mat on a hard floor surface, not carpet, for maximum effectiveness
  • Wear thin socks to reduce sensitivity upon first use
  • Begin by standing on the mat for 5 - 10 seconds per day
  • Gently shift your weight from foot to foot to stimulate different pressure points
  • After 2-3 weeks, try standing in bare feet to increase the intensity of the message
  • Alternate standing on one foot and then the other to increase the pressure
  • Work up to 10 - 15 minutes per day for maximum benefits. Use morning and evening as desired
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