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Portable Mini Handheld Scanner - 60% OFF!

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Less than a foot long, the Portable Mini Handheld Scanner scans documents, photos, newspapers, magazines, receipts, and more, and saves them to a microSD card (included!). It's perfect for travelling, or even simply keeping at home as an alternative to bulky scanners. Slide it into the drawstring pouch for instant protection, and easily transport it in a purse or briefcase. Because the scanner is battery powered (batteries included!), there’s no hassle of trying to take a charging cable everywhere. The device is capable of saving up to 200 scans per battery refresh, making it reliable anywhere you go.

Bring it to the library and scan what you need; capture your favorite fabrics to compare later when you just can't decide; save your child's drawings digitally; scan a poster, flyer, or magazing page to share with your friends on Facebook later; archive a friend's recipe, or even a school or work document. There's no need to waste paper or money on photocopies, because this eco-friendly device reduces paper usage considerably, while still giving you quality scans which won't become lost or stained. The scanner can capture images 8.27" wide and up to 98" long in as little as 3 seconds, and you can navigate the 1" LCD screen for resolution options of 900DPI, 600DPI, or 300DPI and your choice of PDF or JPEG output formats.

When you get home, simply connect the scanner to your computer with the supplied USB cable to transfer your scans to your computer (compatible with PC and Mac). If you scanned a text document, you can even use the bonus OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to convert saved documents into text editable and searchable files compatible with popular word processing and spreadsheet software (Windows only; not compatible with Mac OS).

Connect your scanner to a computer (Windows or Mac OS) using the included USB cable to view and transfer your files.

Slide your scanner into the drawstring pouch, which slips conveniently into a purse or briefcase so you can scan important documents and photos on-the-go when no copier is available.

Comes with Optical Character Recognition software, allowing you to convert saved documents into text editable and searchable files compatible with popular word processing and spreadsheet software (software is Windows only; not compatible with Mac OS).

Plug-and-play device scans documents 8.27" wide and up to 98" long in as little as 3 seconds, with resolution choices of 300DPI, 600DPI, or 900DPI.
  • High/moderate/low resolution settings.
  • No connection to PC needed.
  • High storage.
  • The battery AA Battery.Light weight, easy to carry.
  • Scan data is JPEG format or PDF format, you can choose.
  • MicroSD cards are stored directly read scan data, card reader or connect the USB cable can be achieved.
Image Sensor: A4 Color Contact Image Sensor
Scan Resolution: 900dpi/600dpi / 300dpi
Storage Format: JPEG/PDF
Scan Size: A4 (216mm)
Scan Speed: Color 900DPI 12 sec / page
Color 600DPI 8 seconds / page
Color 300DPI 3 seconds / page
Storage volume (based on 2G TF card):
900DPI about 300 pages
600DPI about 400 pages
300DPI about 1500 pages
Storage medium
Micro SD / TF card up to 32GB (not include)
Transmission Mode: USB2.0
Power Supply: Battery (the AA battery X2), 2. Power Supply by USB cable.
Working mode
Standard Accessories: USB cable, protective cover, two AA batteries
Scanning software
System Environment: Windows 2000/ME/XP, MAC X, 128 MB RAM, 1000 MB HDD
Packaging included:
1 x Portable wireless scanner
1 x USB cable
1 x Cloth for wiping
1 x Protective Bag
1 x English manual
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