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Epilator magic beans - 50%
Epilator magic beans - 50%
Epilator magic beans - 50%
Epilator magic beans - 50%
Epilator magic beans - 50%
Epilator magic beans - 50%
Epilator magic beans - 50%

Epilator magic beans - 50%

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100% brand new and high quality.
Used for hair removal nursing, beauty care, and maintenance. 
Perfect for both professional use or personal use. 


  • Easy operation: Don't need hair removal paper, painless and anti-allergic. You just need a wax heater pot, and a spatula to apply the wax to your hairs
  • Adjustable temperature Knob and auto-shut-off function: The wax warmer equips a wide range of temperature from 80 ℃ to 100 ℃. It will stop working when the temperature up to 100 ℃, and it will start working again when temperature under 80 ℃
  • Through lid with three vents: The waxing set with see-through cover generates the heat on the wax, accelerating the wax melting and preventing the wax contamination from dust. You can observe wax melting process more intuitive, easy control time
  • Suitable for most wax types: The wax melting pot accommodates wax container and melts most wax format including hard wax, soft wax, 15-ounce wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax kits, microwavable wax kits and hair waxing kits, etc.
  • Home-use and professional salon-use: Suitable for paraffin care on face, hand, foot, and body, makes your skin soft and helps heal chapped skin, especially suit for winter skin

1, the wax into the wax machine, wax can be dissolved with a brush in the hand.
2, brush the skin after the wax, with fresh bags/plastic wrap, put on cotton gloves.
3, wait 20-30 minutes after stripping wax film, coated with hand cream.

Facial care use:
1. Cleansing, to dead skin.
2. Apply moisturizing essential oil, cream or cream to the skin.
3. Will dissolve the wax in the wrist inside the test temperature, the higher the temperature the better, but each person can withstand the different levels of temperature, not to burn the skin prevails. 
4. After 15-20 minutes, feel the wax temperature disappears when the wax stripped, coated with skin cream.


  • Ingredient: Wax Beans
  • Smell: Aloe
  • Gender: Female
  • Net Wt: 800g
  • Machine: Depilatory wax machine



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