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Body Back Self-Massage Tool - 50% OFF!

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How many times daily do you suffer from some sort of strain related pain? What do you do when you need to massage or to soothe your tired muscles but you can’t reach that problem area, or simply can’t generate enough pressure for effective relief. The only thing left to do is pester a loved one or start getting creative with furniture in ways you never knew existed. Worry no more our Body Back Self-Massage Tool is the answer. Designed to aid anyone whether suffering from chronic pain or those just looking for stress relief. Our tool boasts 11 perfectly placed therapy knobs that offer you an ease & access to your whole body. Recommended by health & fitness experts it is an effective tool for pain management techniques like Myofascial Release & Deep Tissue Massage you can now dissolve pain, relax tension & rid stress like never before.



  • Body Back is a self-massage tool which helps relieve pain, tension, and stress all over the body.
  • It can easily access those hard-to-reach zones such as balls of the feet, the area between the shoulder blades, and the gluteus.
  • This system keeps muscles pliable which helps reduce injury and stimulates blood flow to muscles, generating oxygen and nutrients and allowing for faster muscle recovery.
  • Specially designed with 11 therapy knobs to locate spasms, muscle knots and trigger. These knobs can reach any muscle group to massage it, release it out of contraction, and keep it flexible.
  • Keeping the muscles flexible is important as it aids in stimulating blood flow, as well as reducing injuries.
  • This lightweight, portable massage stick is convenient to bring anywhere - the gym, spa, at work, or during long travels.
  • Recommended by health and fitness experts, it is an effective tool in managing chronic pain as well as addressing muscle pain before and after a workout.
  • To use, apply a light pressure with the Body Back Buddy to the chosen area and begin to feel instant soreness relief.

Marerial: ABS
Color: Blue/ Purple
Size: 27 x 2 x 17 inches/ 68.5x5x41cm
Weight: 600g

Packing includes:
1 x Body Back Self-Massage Tool

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