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9 Pcs Set Pokémon Makeup Brush

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  • Unique Pokémon-shaped handle design.
  • 9 different brush sizes. Create your entire look, choose between angled, tapered, and blender brushes to apply foundation, contour, buffing, highlight, and any blending necessary to achieve the exact look you want. They cover multiple needs of application, such as foundations, contouring the forehead and cheekbones, concealer, eye shadow, sculpting eyebrows, blusher. Super densely packed ultra fine fiber delivers streak-free, flawless coverage and a soft and pleasing feeling to your angel face.
  • High density of premium synthetic bristles are firm enough that you can easily use it to blend.
  • The makeup brushes hand are made of high-quality performance alloy, soft synthetic,they are ensured for long time use.
  • The sizes of brushes are less than 17.5 cm. This will be great for travel. And the brushes are very easy to clean.
  • The brushes are very soft and suitable for all skin types.


Handle Material: Metal
Brush Material: Wool Fiber
Size: 17.5cm
Quantity: 9 Pcs

How to clean:

  • Weekly Daily Cleaning, consider using a daily brush cleaner, or makeup remover wipes. Deep Cleaning Weekly:
  • Holding bristles face down, run bristles under warm water.
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water and makeup residue.
  • Apply a dime size amount of mild soap and olive oil into the palm of your hand.
  • Massage the bristles into your palm in a circular motion under running water until the water runs clear, being careful NOT to submerge the brush.
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water using a clean towel.
  • Let the bristles air dry in an open space.
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